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Results: June Event - Pacifico Cup - 24th June 2009 - Pinheiros Altos Golf Club.


First: Paulo G 72
Second: Adrian 74
Third: Paulo E 74
Forth: Aurelio 76
Longest Drive: Ciarran  
Nearest the Pin: Kevin Lock  
Best Guest: Brendan Sheehan 73
Second Guest: Derek Toward 74
Best Lady: Kate Sheehan 80
Second Lady: Christine McGee 82
Best Gross: Adrian 80
Winner: Paulo G 72 winner
2nd: Adrian 74 second
3rd: Paulo E 74 third
4th: Aurelio 76  forth


Longest Drive: Ciarranlongest drive winner
Nearest the Pin: Kevin Lock nearest the pin winner
Best Guest: Brendan Sheehan - 73best guest
Second Guest: Derek Toward 74pacificobar 2nd Guest


Lady Winner: Kate Sheehan 80lady winner


EventID: 3, Result ID: 2


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